We are a registered charity advocating for the environment, human & animal rights – add your voice #yogafornature

We believe your yoga practice can change the world…

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Yoga For Nature is a registered charity advocating for the environment, human and animal rights.

When Yoga studios or students support Yoga For Nature we connect their practice to the causes they care about most. So when you practice Yoga we are advocating for change with money from memberships, Yoga For Nature classes or donations supporting advocacy, NFP’s and NGO’s on the ground.

Yoga For Nature also creates effective partnerships in the corporate & commercial world that help us achieve our two main goals, sustainability & peace.

To enquire about a membership, partnership or schedule a Yoga For Nature class in just two minutes, click Get Involved!

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If you’re looking for a Yoga studio where your practice will help advocate for sustainability and peace, you can use our map. Alternatively if you’d like your local studio to support Yoga For Nature, simply click “Get involved!”.



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will change the world

We are proud to be helping these organisations:

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Yoga For Nature believes that change occurs through collaboration, cooperation and community.

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We offer a full production service for people who protect nature.

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Your donation helps us inspire a deeper connection with nature, all over the world.