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Yoga For Nature is a community led approach to protect the natural world.

Whether it’s our wildlife, marine-life or living more sustainably, the interconnected nature of our planet requires a ‘connected’ community to protect it and we believe Yoga is key to Mother Earths survival.

With the support of Yoga Studios worldwide, Yoga For Nature donation classes help fund a growing list of campaigns and bring an awareness to important environmental solutions. In the spirit of Dharma, our work celebrates life and also inspires yogis to be better caretakers of nature.

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If you’re looking for a Yoga studio where your practice will create a deeper connection with nature, you can use our map. Alternatively if you’d like your favorite studio to hold a Yoga For Nature class, simply click “Get involved!”.

Campaigns & Blog Together we are making a world of difference!

  • 14.01.17 Africa the cradle of humanity

    To enjoy our posts including photographs, films and essays follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

    Our expedition starts with the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust in the Chyulu Hills of Kenya.

    Photo of Tricia Ann, Yoga For Nature Ambassador courtesy of MWCT.

  • 06.11.16 Positive Change for Marine Life we're in this together.

    Yoga For Nature is off to India in 2017, teaming up with Positive Change for Marine Life​ to inspire Yogis and a global audience through the efforts of a small community to protect the Ocean. Taking place in Kovalam, India and working side-by-side with local grassroots organization Sebastian Indian Social Projects, the goal of this exciting collaboration is to support & empower poor coastal communities by implementing a strategic masterplan to tackle the growing problem of ocean plastics and unsustainable fishing practices…then share the story globally, as a means of vital education.

    Yoga Studios can support our campaign to protect the Ocean with Positive Change For Marine Life, by placing a Yoga For Nature class in their schedule and/or holding a fundraiser. Simply click “Get involved!”.

    For more info. visit pcfml.org.au

    Photos, courtesy of Sebastian Indian Social Projects.

  • 13.04.16 Hope Spots Let's save our oceans #NoBlueNoGreen

    Despite that all life on land depends on the health of our oceans, less than 2% of the worlds marine environment has full protection. So at Yoga For Nature we support the target of Mission Blue. Led by renowned Marine Biologist Sylvia Earle their aim is to protect 20% of the ocean by 2020. Referred to as ‘hope spots’, these carefully considered areas can support an incredible array of fish, corals and biodiversity, and therefore create an insurance policy for the future of our oceans. Yoga Studios can help #saveouroceans by holding a Yoga For Nature class, which enables us to produce free campaign films, like those featured in our film gallery for the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

  • 06.02.16 A world without Elephants is unimaginable!

    Yoga For Nature and many other elephant lovers around the world are in a race to save these beautiful animals from extinction. Phil Dickenson, founder of Yoga For Nature and yogi, recently travelled to Sri Lanka to capture some of the last remaining Asian elephants on film and now we are in discussions with IEF (the International Elephant Foundation) to go into production on a short documentary, which communicates the importance of saving these highly intelligent creatures. Yoga studios can play the supporting role in this story, by placing a Yoga For Nature class in their schedule and joining our community! The stakes are high, so we’re aiming to make an incredible film, which can be screened at your yoga studios and will hopefully be shortlisted for the ‘International Wildlife Film Festival’ in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

  • 09.07.16 A plastic free World France & Morocco ban the plastic bag

    The plastic bag is so common and convenient, that It’s difficult to imagine our life without it – but then It’s also difficut to imagine the ocean will contain more weight of plastic than fish by the year 2050. So like France and Morocco who just banned the plastic bag, we must do our best to visualize, what for many of us, is out of sight and out of mind, starting on the beautiful shores of Sydney. “Plastic debris in the ocean and on the Northern Beaches is something Yogis care deeply about, and protecting the marine environment in general is a top priority for Yoga For Nature. So we’re proud to be supporting Plastic Free Manly, by producing inspiratonal films for their campaign.” Phil Dickenson, Founder of Yoga For Nature.

  • 01.08.16 Yoke Magazine As we discover our yoga practice, we discover our calling

    With previous issues exploring the essence of community, truth and love & featuring some of the world’s most respected artists, social entrepreneurs, humanitarians and yogis…Yoga For Nature is mighty proud to be included in the next issue of YOKE magazine, appropriately titled ‘Duty’. Head to chuffed.org to pre-order your copy! Namaste

  • 22.04.16 Yoga For Elephants Let's bend together!

    Your yoga studio can hold an inspirational night of Elephant asana and help save these beautiful animals. Screen the award winning film Manas: Return of the Giants and listen to a talk by Founder of Yoga For Nature, Phil Dickenson on Elephant social behaviour and the dangers they face. Donations to your Yoga For Elephants class are voluntary and will go toward the production of our documentary with the International Elephant Foundation to help educate yogis all over the world. Simply click “Get involved!” to book your event. Nature says Namaste, Yoga For Nature.

  • 08.03.16 Deforestation campaign let's save our trees

    Our forests are in desperate need of some #yogalove and your practice can begin helping today! Worldwide, 1 and a half acres of forest are cut down every second – that’s an area the size of an American Football field, which is crucial habitat for thousands of endemic species, an abundant source of prana for yogis and an important barrier against increasing CO2 levels. *News of Yoga For Natures deforestation campaign with NPA (the National Parks Association) will be posted here very soon and yoga studios can help make this film possible by joining our caring community and placing a Yoga For Nature class in your schedule, just click “Get Involved!”.

  • 17.06.16 Jackson Hole Wild thank you for supporting Yoga For Nature

    The creative and awesome people at Jackson Hole Wild www.jhwild.org, with the support of this years finalists have generously given Yoga For Nature rights to screen the International Wildlife Festival’s winning films. So if you’d like to hold an inspiring movie night filled with compassion and conservation, simply click “Get Involved!”. Nature Says Namaste.

  • 12.04.16 Qi Health & Yoga are the first studio to join our Yoga for Nature community

    In August last year, Yoga For Nature met with Mark O’Brien of Qi Health & Yoga in Sydney to hear some initial feedback on our social enterprise – 7 months later, almost 30 classes have been held at Qi and Mark’s students have been looking after nature, whilst looking after themselves!

    “Actions speak louder than words, so when Phil Dickenson spoke to me about his practice and social enterprise, it seemed obvious Qi should support his selfless efforts to protect the environment. By donating the proceeds from one of our classes every week, we turn each breath into financial support and in a sector with many well-meaning people, some of whom are less down-to-earth, Yoga For Nature is a venture defined by integrity, community led action, and results!

    Mark O’Brien, Founder of Qi Health & Yoga

  • 04.02.16 Keep your friends close and your famers closer

    In our society growing food yourself has become the most radical of acts. It is truly the only effective protest – one that can – and will overturn the corporate powers that be. By the process of directly working in harmony with nature, we do the one thing most essential to change the world – we change ourselves.

    Jules Dervaes

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